Editing Workshop: Adobe Lightroom Classic 

The aims of our session are:

- to understand the basic functions of Lightroom Classic; the Library and Develop modules
- to be able to confidently import, select, filter, sort, edit and export your image files
- to learn how to read the histogram and tone curve and why they are important for editing purposes
- to be able to crop, straighten, use white balance and tone control settings to enhance your images
- to understand how to use brushes, filters and presets effectively.

The pre-requisites for this course are:

- to have Adobe Lightroom Classic installed on your laptop (the proper version, not the trial version as you cannot export images using the trial version. And NOT Lightroom CC as this is a very different program)

Natalie uses a PC and Lianne uses a Mac, so we are both equipped and knowledgeable about both styles of computer functions.

Price and location:

300 dhs - payable in advance


Upcoming dates:

We are currently creating an online version of this workshop, if you would like to be informed when it's gone live please register your interest below. 

Please get in touch below to reserve your spot on one of our Lightroom Classic Editing workshops.

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