100 Days of Summer

June 1st 2018. A group of us came together to begin a challenge... The Photo Club Summer Challenge 2018: 100 Days of Summer.

The concept: 100 inspirational prompt words, chosen to stretch and test your imagination...but most importantly to guide and remind you to TAKE THE PHOTO. Of your children; of your summer; to commit the moment to memory. Using whatever camera you had on you.

And so we began. We had many start alongside us, but slowly a few dwindled away. By September we became a core group of about 15. Some of us are yet to finish, some of us are finished, but all of us are SO PLEASED that we committed and kept going as long as we could.

This post is dedicated to our photochallengers and we would love to share a snapshot of their work with you here along with a short story to go with their image.

Rachael Boyle

We had just had a family day out at one of our favourite spots in Dubai and on the way out, I spotted this wall and knew I had to get a picture of my girls using it. I asked them to run over to it which they did, then they jumped up on the barrels and leaned in for a sneaky kiss!

For more of Rachael's work follow her on Instagram @mrs_hooijdonk

Lee Craigen

Another day, another zip line! You are getting the hang of this now and loving them. Not sure you could pick out a favourite at this farm, so much to do and see. We have had another lovely day.

For more of Lee's work follow her on Instagram @jarongale

Lianne Dawes

This image is so representative of the weeks leading up to the summer holidays, stuck in doors because of the heat, princess dresses on rotation and old movies on repeat. And whilst at the time it seemed to drag on forever I now find myself pining for those slow days of summer.

For more of Lianne's work, head to her website and follow her on Instagram @dinkyheartphotography

Lindsey Garner

With hot, hot temperatures and sandy skies, these two played inside for most of Dubai’s summer.

For more of Lindsey's work, head to her website and follow her on Instagram @herwordstravel

Lucia Griffin

Summer days are warm, sunny and long. This year I decided to let the kids relax more, even get bored sitting on top of the stairs and getting lost in their thoughts. And it was actually good for them because they were more calm and content and it let them come up with some great stories, ideas and questions. Those warm summer days...

For more of Lucia's work follow her on Instagram @lucia_griffin_photography

Lisa Hobbs

This reminds me of the adventures these two got up to in Granny’s garden this summer. Anything seems possible with a stick, even unbolting a door. They were so determined!

For more of Lisa's work follow her on Instagram @Lisahobbs1214

Louise Holk

Last day on Mallorca with our besties! Another amazing holiday with these amazing boys and their parents. Our favourite summer tradition.

For more of Louise's work follow her on Instagram @louiseholk

Renske Law

This one expresses so much happiness but also has a creative touch with the bright and colourful, almost tribal like face painting. It makes me smile every time I look at it. And those pictures are my favourite.

For more of Renske's work follow her on Instagram @butterfly.spirits

Adele Major

Here's my favourite photo I took this summer. It was the first Sunday roast we had all together as a family back in Wales, so means a lot to us.

For more of Adele's work, head to her website and follow her on Instagram @adelemajor

Mia Man

This is in The Drakensburg in South Africa. We travel to SA often due to my husband’s family living there, and the kids are half South African. We have been traveling to SA since we met. We got married in SA. All of SA is beautiful but this place is particularly stunning. I mean just look at it! A perfect sunset.

For more of Mia's work, head to her yoga website and follow her on Instagram @mia_mans

Laura Meadows

I love this photo because of its simplicity. Her squidgy baby legs, the crazy morning curls, her curiosity at people and vehicles going past outside and the beautiful morning light. It’s the little things.

For more of Laura's work, head to her Instagram @uppers6

Natalie Robinson

Eventually, everything connects.

For more of Natalie's work, head to her website and follow her on Instagram @natalierobinson_lifeincolour

Jules Seddon

It pretty much sums up the fantastic time we had away over summer. My girls got to be outside every day and get up close and personal with nature. On this day we went to a large animal farm local to where we were staying that acts as a rescue and rehabilitation centre for lots of different animals (even crocodiles!). The girls had so much fun exploring the farm, feeding some of the animals and playing on the rustic play gyms.

For more of Jules' work, head to her website and follow her on Instagram @jewelseddonphoto

Zuzana Strelcova

I think this is one of my favourite pictures from the summer. I love that its picture of my husband and daughter playing on our holiday in Salalah. It was a misty and rainy day but it didn't stop them from having fun. For me this picture means the connection between them the happiness of them spending time together enjoying the simple things in life as building castles.

For more of Zuzana's work, head to her website and follow her on Instagram @zuzana_ph

Tanya Yatsenko

This photo reminds me of our summer back in Kyiv where we enjoyed living in a summer house and kids could be a part of nature, walking barefoot, eating lots of berries from the garden and swinging all day long.

For more of Tanya's work, head to her website and follow her on Instagram @yatanniphotography

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