Capturing Life: September Submissions

This is a new monthly project for everyone who has been on our 'Capturing Life with Your Children' photography course. Every month we will be inviting alumni to submit their favourite image that they have taken that month of their children. This is to highlight and celebrate the hard work that these individuals are doing; to showcase what they have learnt; to share our Dubai 'Septembers' with you and to encourage us all to pick up our cameras to mindfully capture real life moments of our children growing up.

Thank you to everyone who contributed this month!

Saira Bano

A morning before nursery. She’s super keen and bright eyed and I wanted to her features up close.

Elizabeth Butler

Although I didn't get the photograph I had in mind, I was so much happier with the images I did get. I had an unpredictable breeze blowing the bubbles in lots of different directions and a toddler that was much more interested in the bubble machine :) Looking back at the pictures I love that it shows the boys having fun with bubbles on a beautiful Saturday morning.

Kim Carlow

I’ve been trying to experiment with shadows and light a lot more recently. While playing in the garden with my two year old daughter I tried to encourage her with a game of shadow puppets, hoping to capture a cool picture! I failed miserably as she just wasn’t interested, but as she walked away I snapped this little gem. I just love her little silhouette.

Lee Craigen

I loved this one as it was the day I picked Daniel up from 'big school' and the teacher told me he had cut chunks out of his hair. This was a moment at home when we were discussing that it was a bad idea to cut your own (or anyone else's) hair and I quickly picked up my camera to try to capture his facial expressions!!

Alina de Klerk

A morning spent in the garden soaking up the sun and letting the sprinkler 'tickle' her. I like this photo more for its composition, the soft sun light, the curtain of water, the position of her arm...

Lisa Hobbs

I love this photo though of my youngest, in the only small patch of light that happens in the downstairs of our house of an afternoon. He is pretty tired and uncooperative when he gets home from school and this was a moment when he was feeling willing long enough ( a few seconds probably!) for me to snap something.

Laura Meadows

I returned to the world of full-time work this month, so my time with my daughter is extra-precious. This particular afternoon wasn’t anything special: just me, the Tiny Ninja running around in her nappy and a bottle of bubbles.

Swathi Raman

Those eyes say it all...The apprehension as well as the excitement just before his first horse riding experience. And he turned out to be an absolute pro! All that apprehension was simply unnecessary!

Camila Senel

This is one of our last pictures of our summer holidays. I absolutely love this picture because is taken right at backyard where my husband spent his summers at their age and because I love the way the were holding hands and playing with each other.

Carlene Thurston

I'd just got a new camera lens and she'd just got a new flute, so a perfect opportunity to take some pics. This was my favourite.

Elida Tjoenndal

Technically from last days of August, however I am so far behind on looking through my September photos.

I have so many pictures of her (so many of which as a mamma I love), however this one is very different from the rest , and I keep stopping on it when I browse through. That is why I chose this one.

Anna Vauramo

There is a park with a rose garden where I wanted to go and take pictures of the kids. Once I finally made it there, the roses were already out of bloom and the day was cold and windy. Managed to get some pics with birches though. They always remind me of Finland.

If you would love to learn photography and don't know where to start, we are running our next beginners DSLR workshop on Friday 5th October. Please get in touch with us for more details on

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