Photo Challenges: How to stay motivated

Updated: Aug 27, 2018

The queens of photo challenges? Possibly, possibly not!

I have been *attempting* a 365 Project (one-photo-a-day) since 2014 with the aim of capturing my children growing up. A mix of Iphone and DSLR, I usually end up with around 280-300 photos from the year, which is a good start ;-)

Last summer we at The Photo Club launched our first '100 days of Summer' challenge and this summer we are running this again!

So we have created some top tips to help you stay motivated with your photo challenge.

Let's start here....

1) Take your camera everywhere. On the school run. To the supermarket. To work. Wherever....just don't leave it in the car (so that you don't miss an opportunity but equally leaving your camera sweltering in a hot vehicle in the UAE is not good for it!) ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ 2) Think about your daily routines and what you want to remember in 5, 10, 20 years time. One of our daughters wakes up and demands dressing up in a princess dress straight away. Another one wakes up and demands a Madeline (little cake) straight away. These things are small and seem insignificant...but these requests won't last forever. Make a mental note to capture these.

3) Your home might not be perfect but through your children's eyes, it is, and it's your job to capture this for their future memories. Include the cheap IKEA furniture that you have been meaning to replace for the last 15 years. Work on capturing the scene as well as the details.

4) Pose your children and then unpose them. Go documentary style. Just record the scene and what is happening. Don’t move the washing hanging up in the back of your photo; or the dinner all still at the table; or the drop of drool soaking your little one’s t-shirt. Just capture it in all of its messy imperfections.

5) Think about your day in advance. What is going to make this day different to every other day? Are you visiting somewhere? Seeing someone new? Meeting friends? What's happening? Use this as your inspiration and then focus your photography efforts on capturing this specific moment in time.

6) If you’re working or you know you are going to be mega busy for the next few days, use your weekends to catch up. Yes, in theory this is a photo-a-day challenge; but be kind to yourself. Capturing the photo and posting on the same day gets hectic. Plan in advance the same way you plan your week ahead.

7) Organize a playdate with a friend who is also doing the challenge. Take photos of each others children….then send the best ones to each other. A great way to practice your photography and be accountable at the same time!

8) Redefine your 'everyday'! Not every day is perfect; not every day is photogenic. Most days are just busy and we roll from one thing to the next. BUT - we challenge you to stop, look around and think about how you might capture the essence of that day.

9) Work with the light in your house. Make a mental note – which times of the day does each room get the strongest light? Can you make more light available by opening windows, curtains, doors? Focus your photography efforts on the spaces in your home which have the best natural light available.

10) Think about how awesome you are going to feel when you are on the home stretch of these 100 photos! Think about what you might do with these images you have captured – make a photobook, print your favourites for yourself and family members?

We hope that these top tips help you to stay motivated with your photochallenges going forward. Any questions or thoughts - please let us know.

Natalie and Lianne xx

Images by Natalie Robinson and Lianne Dawes @ThePhotoClub FZ-LLC

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