Photowalks...some thoughts

Photowalking: words that come to mind to me.

Something new – experiencing – inspired – alive – away – seeing – making space – connecting – remembering – the possibilities – light – sounds – atmosphere – faces – places – newness – capturing – details – movement – consciousness – things – journey – colour.

A very wise man once said: the secret of an interesting picture is to stand in front of something interesting.

So. A note to you, if you are photowalking soon.

These are the things I want you to concentrate on.

Exploring – not ‘editing’. Your mind can approach new scenes and new scenarios in one of two ways; and the approach that you decide to choose is up to you. You can dive headfirst into ‘editor’ mode, which sounds rather like this:

“I need to get a great photo”.

“That photo has been taken and its been taken better by someone else”.

“I feel stumped and am just shooting away”.

I can’t find my inspiration”.

“All of these people know what they are doing – they have great cameras and are all shooting in manual”.

Do you recognize these voices inside your mind? Your guard is up. When you’re in this state of mind, you are limiting your creativity and your flow of ideas. Your challenge is to become open to the possibilities. You can do this by….

…clearing your mind of expectations. Envisage this in your mind’s eye. Breathe. You are literally lifting the weight of your own expectations out of the top of your mind! You are consciously making the decision to lower your guard. Doing this consciously will help you to…

…explore the infinite possibilities. There are hundreds, thousands, millions, infinite numbers of moments and scenes that can be captured on your photo walk. Time to start exploring the possibilities that lie right in front of you. FIND your “something interesting” by…

…following your creative intuition. You have this in you; I strongly believe that every one of us has this inside us. Its the voice inside your mind which simply draws you towards something of interest. Let your guard down and have an open mind and be conscious of what is drawing you towards it. Explore, don’t edit. Connect with the present moment and you can influence the photographs that you choose to take.

And the back up plan. Find your inspiration – your spark – your internal energy – by connecting with the environment and the people around you. The herding instinct is strong on photo walks. We all walk together; we are all at various stages of our photography journey and at different levels of experience, so its totally natural that this happens. Be open to others and look at what they are drawn to on your walk. But ask yourself….

…can you see things differently to them? Can you challenge your creative brain to find a different kind of beauty or energy in the same situation?

A quote from Albert Einstein which fits this nicely (via Jesh de Rox, who I am constantly inspired by).

“There are two ways to live your life. One as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle”.

If you practice approaching situations in a state of wonder, you will see more of the possibilities open to you.

And the final back up plan. If you are hungry for some structure and focus during your photo walk; if all of the above isn’t capturing your imagination right now. Then choose your focus. Think about lines, shapes, patterns. Light and shade. Colour. Movement. Expressions. Angles and space. Difference.

Good luck!

Natalie x

Images by Natalie Robinson @ThePhotoClub FZ-LLC

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