Tips for photographing days out in Dubai

Originally written as a guest blog post for Family Pass, we bring you our...Top 10 tips for Photographing Family Days Out!

1) Any camera will do

There is a popular saying that, “the best camera is the one that you have with you” and that is particularly true on family days out.

At times lugging a large DSLR can seem like taking an extra child with you; so think about using your smartphone instead. The cameras on smartphones are now so sophisticated and reliable and there are some awesome editing apps available (try Snapseed as a starting point).

If you do want to take your DSLR, using a 35mm or 50mm prime lens is something we would recommend; these lenses are lighter, less bulky and are amazingly sharp.

2) Take a storytelling approach to your day out

A ‘storytelling’ approach basically means that you challenge yourself creatively by capturing the wide scene and then move in, to capture scenes close up. Step away and then get in close.

3) Consider your composition

Think about how you can fill your frame, look for different angles. Look for leading lines, compose your images with your subject in a central position or placed on one of the ‘thirds’ line (google ‘rule of thirds’ for more info about this composition technique). Look for places to get children to sit, run, lean against, play hide and seek, explore.

4) Be observant

Encourage your children to run about and explore and in doing so, notice lines, structures and angles. Be drawn towards vibrant colours and interesting backgrounds. Capture your children running; jumping; exploring the space.

5) Get down to their eye level

If you’re attempting to get a great portrait image; get down to your children’s eye level. Compositionally this makes for a stronger photo and you will be able to engage with your children through the lens more easily.

6) Stop with the ‘cheese’

There’s too much going on to expect children to stop and ‘say cheese’! So embrace the activity; their explorative minds are in full flow and enjoying every moment. Intend to capture the action shots rather than a false smile.

7) Find and follow the light

If you are inside; head towards the areas of most natural light for your best photo-taking opportunities. If you are outside, the best times of day will be early morning and late afternoon when the light is much softer.

8) Live in the moment

Your family want you involved in their day out; you are part of the fun too! So be mindful about the moments you capture on camera. Pick it up for a short time and then put it down. Get involved and live in the moment with your family, enjoy this time together.

9) Get yourself in the frame

You were also on this family day out, right?! Enlist the help of a friendly stranger and get yourself in the shot! Or pass the camera to your partner with strict instructions to make sure you are also included.

10) Share and print your images!

Don’t just leave your photos sitting on the camera roll or hard drive. Bring them to life! Make photo memory books or print your best images for your childrens rooms. This was a day to remember after all!

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