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Camera recommendations for young photographers!

If you and your children are looking for a new camera to help document your holiday or day to day adventures, we have the perfect suggestion.

A sunset double exposure.

Take a look at the Nikon Z fc (not a sponsored post - we wish!!) This mirrorless camera is recommended for kids who are eager to explore the world of photography. Released in 2021, it is packed with features and Natalie recently bought one to use to capture her own family holidays (all photographs shown here are taken with this camera).

The Nikon Z fc combines the latest technology with a classic aesthetic reminiscent of film cameras from the past. It's compact and lightweight body makes it easy for kids to handle and carry around, while its intuitive controls allow for easy operation.

A boy wearing red on a boat

If you need some technical details.... it's got a high-resolution 20.9-megapixel APS-C sensor, and delivers stunning image quality, allowing you and your children to capture moments with exceptional clarity and detail. Its advanced autofocus system ensures fast and precise focusing, making it easier for young photographers to capture sharp and well-focused images.

The Z fc also features a tilting touchscreen LCD that makes it simple to compose shots from various angles, perfect for capturing unique perspectives. Additionally, its built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth capabilities enable easy sharing of photos with friends and family - they can easily download their images to their phone or iPad via Nikon's free 'Snapbridge' app.

A girl on the beach in Thailand

If you have a wannabe videographer in your family, the Z fc also has wonderful video capabilities too! Children can now unleash their storytelling skills and create their own movies, capturing memorable moments in stunning detail and lifelike colours. The camera's Creative Picture Controls and Special Effects Modes further enhance their creativity, allowing them to add unique filters and effects to their photos and videos.

Sunset on the beach in Phuket

We would recommend purchasing the Z fc with the 16- 50mm lens; some retailers have the option of selecting a prime lens (non-zoom lens) but as a starting point a zoom lens would be a better investment. The 16-50mm lens gets amazing reviews, is ultrasharp and very fast at focussing, perfect for young photographers who might want to capture landscapes or close-up portraits.

With the Nikon Z fc, young photographers can embark on a journey of creativity and self-expression, capturing the world around them through their own unique lens. Whether they're just starting out or honing their skills, this camera is the perfect companion for kids who are passionate about photography.

Like to do a comparison? Try also researching Fujifilm X-T 30 ii, Sony A6400 and Canon EOS R50. These are all similarly priced cameras. We recommend Versus for comparing features and benefits!

A close up of palm leaves

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