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your questions

  • How old does my child need to be to attend?
    Our classes are aimed at children aged 8+. This is because some of the technical aspects of photography can be hard for children to grasp particularly those under 8.
  • We don't have a camera - can my child still take part?
    Yes. The first couple of weeks of our term uses phone cameras / ipad cameras as we focus on composition, light and other elements. When we do start using cameras, we have a number of our own Photo Club cameras for children to use during the class. Unfortunately they won't be able to take these home with them between sessions however.
  • We have a family camera at home - can my child use that in your classes?
    Yes, 100%! We would much prefer children to use their own camera because they can practice at home in between classes. Just a request - before sending your own family camera in to the session, please ensure you have the correct insurance should something accidental happen to the camera. One of our 'camera rules' is to always wear a neck strap to prevent the camera getting dropped, so please know that from our side, camera safety is one of our priorities.
  • Are all lessons done within a classroom?
    We will be basing ourselves in a classroom but will definitely be seeking natural light and going outside depending on the topic and what we are focusing on that week.
  • Is this a 'one-off' course where my child will learn how to use their camera and then don't need to attend again?
    We have designed our photography programme to be MUCH more than just a one-off course. Yes, they can come for a term and get a good idea of how to use their camera; but the way we teach is to stretch our students' creativity so that they are constantly challenged to think outside the box. Learning the functions of the camera is only about 10% of what photography is all about!
  • How will we keep in touch with you?
    During the sign up process, we will ask for all of your details which will include your phone number. Once you've paid you'll be invited to join our class WhatsApp group so that we can update you after the sessions on what we covered and to share any photos that we took during the session of the children in action.
  • How can I pay?
    Payment is taken upfront at the start of the term can be made via a Stripe payment link which we will send to you via email. Our payment provider accepts credit and debit cards.
  • Are your courses certified or accredited?
    No, our courses are not certified or accredited but they are 100% written by us and your child will receive a participation certificate at the end of the term.
  • Do you offer photography classes for parents?
    Not yet we don't...but watch this space! We would love to go back to offering photography classes for parents - and this is on our list to think about and plan over the summer. In the meantime we would direct you to Gulf Photo Plus where we used to teach workshops and photowalks.
  • Could you suggest a starter camera for our family?
    Natalie recently purchased a Nikon Z-fc with a 16-50mm lens and would definitely recommend it! It's light and easy to use - perfect for travelling, holidays, celebrations and for children to use too. We would recommend heading to Grand Stores Digital and talking to them - they will have some recommendations. On your 'wish list' should be a mirrorless camera with wifi capability, so that you / your children can download and edit the images on their phone or ipad via an app.
  • Where else do you offer photography classes?
    Only currently at Arcadia School and DBSJP but this will expand as we grow! If you have a suggestion on location - or if you are from a school who is interested in running a photography ASA club, please reach out to us at
  • What happens if my child misses a session due to sickness?
    Please let us know in advance if your child won't make it to class. We understand that sicknesses happen and are unavoidable! Once a term we will offer a longer 'catch up' session for those students who need to cover a missed topic. We do not offer class credit for classes missed due to sickness and likewise if a student declines staying for the longer 'catch up' session this cannot be used as class credit.
  • Will you have any group trips during the term?
    We would LOVE to organise student trips - this is something we are planning to include within our curriculum. Hold tight and as soon as we have any news on that we will share the details!
  • Do you offer summer camps?
    Not at the moment but hold that thought for 2024! We would love to refer you to Gulf Photo Plus as they have run a kids + teens summer camp in the past and might run it again in future.
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